*Please note, there is no longer "Departure time" the bus will not wait if you're not at the stop.

Stops Arrival Arrival Arrival
Norwich- West Park 6:20AM 9:05AM 11:50AM
Oxford- Great American 6:35AM 9:20AM 12:05PM
Guilford- Quick Way 6:49AM 9:39AM 12:24PM
Mt. Upton- Mini Mart 7:00AM 9:50AM 12:35PM
Sidney- Great American 7:20AM 10:10AM 12:55PM
Bainbridge- Bus Stop 7:31AM 10:21AM 1:06PM
Afton- Day & Night 7:41AM 10:31AM 1:16PM
Coventry- Store 8:00AM 10:50AM 1:30PM
N.Y.S. Veterans Home 8:16AM 11:06AM 1:46PM
Norwich- West Park 8:35AM 11:20AM 2:05PM