*Please note, there is no longer "Departure time" the bus will not wait if you're not at the stop.

Southern Loop Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
North Plaza --------- 9:55AM 11:20AM 12:45PM 2:30PM 3:55PM
Grace View --------- 9:59AM 11:24AM 12:49PM 2:34PM 3:59PM
C.M.H. --------- 10:03AM 11:28AM 12:53PM 2:38PM 4:03PM
Family Health Center --------- 10:05AM 11:30AM 12:55PM 2:40PM 4:05PM
Plank Road Manor --------- 10:09AM 11:34AM 12:59PM 2:44PM 4:09PM
Mitchell & Broad --------- 10:13AM 11:38AM 1:03PM 2:48PM 4:13PM
Golden Age --------- 10:14AM 11:39AM 1:04PM 2:49PM 4:14PM
West Park 8:53AM 10:18AM 11:43AM 1:08PM 2:53PM 4:18PM
Senior Housing 8:55AM 10:20AM 11:45AM   2:55PM 4:20PM
Peacock Apartments 8:58AM 10:23AM 11:48AM   2:58PM 4:23PM
TOPS 9:00AM 10:25AM 11:50AM   3:00PM 4:25PM
Midland & East Main 9:02AM 10:27AM 11:52AM   3:02PM 4:27PM
Hale & Midland 9:03AM 10:28AM 11:53AM   3:03PM 4:28PM
Price Chopper 9:08AM 10:33AM 11:58AM   3:08PM 4:33PM
Wal-Mart 9:13AM 10:38AM 12:03PM   3:13PM 4:38PM
Northern Loop Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
Wal-Mart 9:13AM 10:38AM 12:03PM   3:13PM 4:38PM
South Plaza 9:17AM 10:42AM 12:07PM   3:17PM 4:42PM
Price Chopper 9:20AM 10:45AM 12:10PM   3:20PM 4:45PM
Marlene Meadows 9:23AM 10:48AM 12:13PM   3:23PM 4:48PM
Hale & Midland 9:27AM 10:52AM 12:17PM   3:27PM 4:52PM
Midland & East Main 9:29AM 10:54AM 12:19PM   3:29PM 4:54PM
TOPS 9:32AM 10:57AM 12:22PM   3:32PM 4:57PM
Peacock Apartments 9:34AM 10:59AM 12:24PM   3:34PM 4:59PM
Senior Housing 9:38AM 11:03AM 12:28PM   3:38PM 5:03PM
West Park 9:40AM 11:05AM 12:30PM   3:40PM 5:05PM
Golden Age 9:44AM 11:09AM 12:34PM   3:44PM  
Silver & Borden 9:47AM 11:12AM 12:37PM   3:47PM  
North Plaza 9:50AM 11:15AM 12:40PM   3:50PM