*Please note, there is no longer "Departure time" the bus will not wait if you're not at the stop.

Stops Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
Norwich- West Park 6:20AM 8:10AM 10:00AM 1:30PM 3:00PM
Wal-Mart   8:17AM 10:07AM 1:37PM 3:07PM
Oxford- Dollar General 6:35AM 8:27AM 10:17AM 1:47PM 3:17PM
Brisben-Near Bridge 6:49AM 8:41AM 10:31AM 2:01PM 3:31PM
Green- Mimi's Restaurant 6:55AM 8:47AM 10:37AM 2:07PM 3:37PM
Senior Center 6:57AM 8:49AM 10:39AM 2:09PM 3:39PM
Brisben-Near Bridge 7:08AM 9:00AM 10:50AM 2:20PM 3:50PM
Oxford- Dollar General 7:18AM 9:10AM 11:00AM 2:30PM 4:00PM
Oxford-BIDA Home 7:20AM 9:12AM 11:02AM 2:32PM 4:02PM
Wal-Mart 7:24AM 9:16AM 11:06AM 2:36PM 4:06PM
CWS, 17 Midland Drive 7:34AM        
Norwich- West Park 7:40AM 9:30AM 11:20AM 2:50PM 4:20PM